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What We Rent

If you do not see what you need please take the time to ask as we are always adding to our inventory.

Selecon Pacific Cool 90 Degree and 45-75 Degree Zoom* Both Red 1K and Blue 575 w lamp bases.
ETC Source Four 750
5,10,14, 19,26,36,50,70 and 90 Degree lens plus 19,26,36 and 50 EDLT and 50 Degree LED lens.
ETC Source Four Mini* 50w 19, 26 and 50 degree*

FRESNELS, PARS, PCs, LED and other
ETC Source Four ParNel
6" FRESNELS: (500w/1K)
various: Strand, Selecon, Colortran
Barn doors available
ETC Source Four Par regular and MCM* VN, N, Med, Wide and Extra Wide lens available.

ELATION PRO KL4 LED Fresnel 50w 3000K 1900 Lumens,True 1 in/out,5 pin dmx in and out.
Chroma Q Color One 100 RGBA LED Par
Chroma-Q Color One 100X RGBA LED Par*
Chroma Q Color Force 12 RGBA LED
Chroma Q Color Force 12 II RGBA LED*
Chroma Q Color Force Compact RGBA LED
Chroma Q Color Studio Force 12 V*

LED Lekos/ERS:
ETC Source 4WRD LED 155w
c/w LED 50 Degree Lens Tube*

Power: 2A at 120v (220w)
Max 4 Fixtures on a single power line.
DMX 5 pin in/out and PowerCon True 1 in/out
Uses B size Gobo only.
Lux (19) 7020 Lux (26) 4960
Lux (36) 2610 Lux (50) 1190\
Weight with lens 23 lbs
Accepts industry standard accessories

Prolights EclProfile CT + (At this Retail Saes and Production work only.)
^ Color LEDs system has 5 more LED Than than FS.
RGB< Royal Bule, Lime and PC Amber.
20% wider range of color then FS
6.69% more Lumens the FS
1.5 poungd more weight the FS.
Deals better wit EOS Color pickers than FS.

PAR 64 and Par 38 LS mega clamp or on floor base.
PC: Selecon RAMA 7" HP
Pin Spots 35 W
Rosco Image Pro Projector*
ARRI 3200K Lighting Fixtures & Kits 650 W to 2000 W
Avenger Grip Equipment & Chimera Products
Cardellini Clamps (Rental: End Jaw, C 2 & 3 and Double)
Temporary Power Distribution*
Temporary Communication Systems; ClearCom
Temporary Stage Drapery*
Cable: Cam Lock Feeder, A/C 6/4, 12/3, 14/3 Soca*, powerCON 20 A 12/3 SJOOW, DMX 5 pin, XLR 3 pin, and Scoller 4 pin
(Note as we are a U gound Rental House only very limited TWLG A/C Cable is available.)
Twoffers: Both U ground and TWLG.
Data Terminators 5 pin and 4 pin.
DMX Spliter: D-Split - 5 pin dmx 1 in to 4 out
City Theatrical Show Baby wireless DMX system* (Original and 6)
PROLYTE Truss (Multi Purpose H30D and H40R Series)*

Portable Dimmer Systems and Controls
JANDS CL Stage Console*
NSI MC7516 (A bit of lighting history)
LEPRECON Console: LP612 and LP624
ETC: Smart Fade Console 2496
ETC Express 2448 Console
ETC Element 60-500 c/w Dell 21" Touch Screen Monitor.
ETC Nomad System* (2 DMX universes) c/w Dell Latitude Lap top*, CMD_Key EOS programing board*, ETC 40 Ch Slider Wing, and 2 LED Little Lites*

ETC Smart Packs DMX 12 X 1.2K and 6 X 2.4K 50 A Stove Plug
Leprecon ULD Series 360 HP Tree Dimmers DMX 6 X 1.8K 2 X 15 A Uground Plugs
Ligthronics Dimmer Packs 4 X 600 W DMX

Rigging Equipment* Kito CF and CM 1/2 ton Chain Falls 30', Steels, GAC and Span sets plus misc rigging hardware.
Manfrotto Manual and Crank Lighing Stands 083, 087, 387*
Doughy 12' Crank Lighting Stands
6' Custom Ballet Booms for side kit.
Yellow Jacket Cable Mats

Followspots. City Theatrical SF Kits 575/750 120V c/w Doughty Shadow FS stands

We exclusively Rent and use quality ROSCO FOG PRODUCTS models: ROSCO Viper c/w DMX Control, Rosco Rosco 1700, Vitage Rosco 1600 model (Curently being re-built) and Rosco Mini V Foggers plus Rosco Chiller Module.
We carry and sell the compete line of Rosco Fog Fluids

ULRATEC Radiance Hazer CLF2460 / 120V DMX

Rotators & Effects
Gobo Rotators: Simple Single and Twin Spin FX DMX to fit Source Fours using standard B size gobos.
Chroma Q Jr FX rotators to fit Source Four Jr. using M size Gobos. Note: The Jr Rotator is a none DMX control.)
City Theatrical Muti Imagers (fits standard 6.25")
GAM film F/X Loop Rotators
GAM PRISMO 3 facet prism with variable speed
Rental GAM effect rental Film Loops available; Fire/Water, Rain, Snow, Clouds and Diamonds.
Chroma Q Plus Scollers Universal Mounting & PSU 8 & PSU 2 units.
Standard and Custom gel strings.Theatreical and Production.
Strobe Light
ADJ 400 w Black Light Cannon(s)
Rosco I Cue Mirror
City Theatrical DMX Controled Iris
LED Festoon Lighting*

* Croyco Production Dept. Rental Items
NOTE: CROY & CO. is a U ground lighting rental house and has limited TWLG inventory.

Standard Cable Lengths:
A/C - 10', 25', 50', 100'
PowerCon - 3' U ground male to PowerCon
PowerCon fixture to fixture 5', 10' and 25'
PowerCon True 1 - 25'plus shorts

Soca - 25', 50', 75' Uground and TWLG B/I and B/O
6/4 SOOW 50 A Stove Plug 25', 50', 75' 100'
Cam Lock 100 Amp Feeder 50'
5 PIN DMX - 3', 5', 10', 25', 30', 50', 100''
4 PIN "Scoller" - 5', 10', 20', 25', 50', 100'

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